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86 powerful link building strategies to build thousands of high quality backlinks to send your site to number 1 on Google.

The ethical link building revolution

I'm not going to lie to you. I am not the only person providing a link building product, there are thousands of other products out there.

What makes Link Building Mastery different?

It is the only link building guide out there that doesn't offer the one stop solution or the solution that requires no work. That's right I'm not giving you the "secret" to link building. I'm not going to build the backlinks for you and I'm not guaranteeing 1,000 backlinks in seconds.


Because it's simply not possible.

You know deep in your heart/brain that nothing comes without effort and the same is true for link building.

Not one person who has used any of these black hat (unethical) link building strategies has ever received long lasting, positive results. The truth is there is no "secret", there is no software product that will build backlinks for you.

You either need to hire a professional or learn to build the high quality, high PageRank, high traffic passing links or learn the powerful link building strategies you learn through Link Building Mastery.

Ethical = successful

The 86 link building strategies discussed in depth in Link Building Mastery are all successful, tried and tested ethical link building strategies that really work.

Don't believe me that black hat link building strategies don't work?

Maybe you will believe these people who have wasted their money with black hat, automated, link building scams.

Have you ever used a link building service and what was your experience?

Yes, I have an outsourcing experience. The company I asked for help created the backlinks at the page with Page Rank greater than 0. It seems that the backlinks did not affected the appearance of the site in the search engine.

Dmitry Gushchin

Have you ever used a link building service and what was your experience?

I have experimented with some 'cheap' link building companies i.e 'we'll get you 6000 links for $60'. The experience wasn't great!

Jon Quinton

Have You Heard What People Are Saying?

Sandy Halliday

" Link Building Mastery is the best and most comprehensive resource I have ever seen on link building. It certainly leaves no stone unturned. I really like the way you explain each strategy, give an example and rate it too. It answers some questions about backlinks that I had and never found an answer to. This is a must have eBook for anyone wanting to get their site on page #1 of Google."

Sandy Halliday

Ed Fry

"It is a well written and understandable guide to dozens of link building strategies. I was surprised at the number of high-profile interviews they've got in there from A-List bloggers to top authors on Amazon. It has the resourcefulness of a dozen expert conversations but with the convenience of being in one place. An excellent guide for link builders starting out, or wanting an all-in-on refresh."

Ed Fry

The Apple Guys

"I have just completed your book, I have been interested in SEO for many years now and as we all know organic results are what matters as they are free and provide truck loads of traffic."

Your book provides a much need insight into backlinks and how they can help you on your road to organic success. There are many books kicking around the Internet on SEO, adwords, web marketing, etc but none come close to the content of this book.

I would highly recommend as a business owner in charge of my own web marketing efforts for my iPhone repair business.

The Apple Guys

Anyone who knows anything about internet marketing knows that there is no super sneaky method to getting the position you want on Google. I've seen and read about countless "experts" who yell and scream that they know a secret way to make #1 rankings on Google happen overnight. The hype always turns out to be exactly that...hype.

For this reason alone their backlinking book are a completely refreshing dose of reality amongst all the hype and hoopla.

Everything an aspiring (or experienced) marketer needs to get their website to #1 on Google is in this e-Book. No hype, no over-blown promises. Follow the methods and means to acquire backlinks in this book and you will send your website hurtling up towards that top spot on Google. 

Building backlinks is a process, and it needs to be done correctly. They outline everything you need to know about backlinks in this exhaustive book, and more importantly the best ways to get them. (After marketing on the web for two years there was still a ton of stuff in here I didn't know about. I was able to snag a couple PR 4 links from Wikipedia using one of the suggestions, amongst other gems.) This book has earned a place on my desktop as my ultimate reference for backlink building.



LINK BUILDING and Good Content. Essential for online/personal PR results!

I am ALL ABOUT LINK BUILDING. Content is KING if you are looking for online marketing RESULTS. Honestly, I have always known this... the key word, meta tag thing just old-fashioned, I mean we still need it (especially in social sites like Twitter), but it's  really a gamble if you're looking for search engine placement on an organic level. 

Buying the keywords will get you the results, but as more people start driving the price of the key words up you will need to pay more and you really don't have to do that.  Continuing to build your CONTENT.  Think about all the other people using the same exact keywords. How do you compete with that? 

So the more you post up in the form of articles, blogs, tweets, press releases, photos and video the more content you create and the more votes of confidence you earn from the search engines. The more votes of confidence, the MORE you will be seen and found online. It's pretty simple, yes, but remember that content must have merit or your audience will not remain.

I have read an incredible eBook (which will be now known as my Link Building Bible) by Back Link Building Gurus at Their "Link Building Mastery: How to master the art of link building" provides 86 powerful link building strategies to build thousands of high quality back links to send your site to number 1 on Google (and then some).

According to LBM: "Everyone knows that backlinks are one of the most important search engine ranking factors." Yet again, the quality of the content is the first priority - and in my mind's eye quality content is the baseline of online publicity, but without back links your content and your website will never be found.

The Link Building Mastery eBook is a fantastic do-it-yourself guide to will learn how to get:
* Better placement on Google
* More search engine traffic
* Direct traffic (to your website or "main hub") from people clicking on your links
* A better online reputation
* More direct sales or interest as visitors who come from links pointing to your site are far more likely to buy from or hire you.
Get Mark's book - a great guide, great read. Well done! If you need a good "go-to" plan, it's a fantastic investment!

Laurie Pehar Borsh!/lauriepr

Ileane Smith

I came to know about from the Website Babble Webmasters Forum. When Mark asked to interview me for their ebook I gladly accepted the invitation. During the interview I share my views on topics like

  • free blogging platforms and what I think of them
  • posting frequency
  • Wordpress plugins
  • blog promotion techniques
  • tips for starting a blog
  • why business owners need blogs -how to get blog posting ideas

They have done an excellent job of focusing on ethical link building techniques and gathering many of the key players in the field.

My point is this: don't get caught up in chasing backlinks in ways that can hurt you in the long run. It's very important for young bloggers to practice caution and not outsource tasks like blog commenting.

I was really excited to find out all of the other participants in Link Building Mastery including Jack Curtis, Tamar Weinberg, Andrew Warner and Ann Smarty. These guys know their stuff so I am honored to be included among them.

Ileane Smith

Link Building Mastery FAQ?

Here are the answers to the questions you might have:

Q. Why buy this eBook when there is so much information for free out there on the web?

A. Not only does the free information on the web often lack quality, substance but most importantly this information almost always lacks consistency. That means you will get different ideas from lots of people some of which have no personal experience of implementing the strategies in the eBook. Every one of the major strategies discussed in the eBook, we have used ourselves or helped another webmaster implement. Plus there are 15 expert interviews, with high powered implementers of these link building strategies. These are the people who use each strategy extensively and drive most of their traffic and sales from these link building strategies.

Q. Can you guarantee more search engine traffic if I follow these strategies?

A. I can guarantee that if you build high quality backlinks (follow my strategies) you will increase your PageRank which is a very important ranking factor. So if all your other ranking factors remain the same then yes I can guarantee that you will get more search engine traffic and a higher PageRank.

Q. Why don't I just hire a link building service?

A. Nobody knows your niche as well as you. Building links has value not just for PageRank but for your reputation and direct traffic as well. And that is the big problem with link building services. They can't make YouTube videos for you, they can't write successful articles, write guest blog posts. They in fact can use very few of the really good link building strategies. Link Building Mastery gives you the strategies, real life examples and tools to create backlinks for your website that not only send you piles of PageRank but also increase your reputation and send you direct traffic because you will be building backlinks from high traffic web pages.

Q. Does this eBook give me the "secret" to building links?

A. I'm afraid to tell you there is no secret. In fact according to some people that is a secret in itself. There is no software program that will do it all for you, you can't outsource it to India and have 100 PageRank 6 backlinks 24 hours later. The secret is, there is no secret. You are given the strategies and tools to build backlinks and it is up to you to implement them. If you do implement them, you will build all the links you need.

Q. Can't I just buy links to my site?

A. Sure you can if you want to get kicked out of Google's index. If you don't apply the nofollow tag you will get penalized by Google, trust me the time you spend building quality, ethical backlinks will be worth far more than the money it costs to buy links.

FEATURING: Killer expert interviews

Not only does this eBook feature in depth how to's but also interviews with experts on each killer link building strategy. These people are experts on various link building strategies, here is a list of the interviews included in Link Building Mastery:

Killer expert Interviews

AndrewInterview #1
Andrew Warner is an interviewing expert, the owner and founder of he has interviewed many top names including Seth Godin and Jimmy Wales (the founder of Wikipedia). Andrew set up his first online business with his brother and grew it to $38 million in sales before selling it. Andrew gave some great tips on how to interview successfully when he talked with me. Don't you want to know about how to get interviews with worldwide celebrities like Jimmy Wales?

Andrew on Twitter:
Andrew's Website:

LindaInterview #2
Linda Bustos is an ecommerce expert, author of the popular Get Elastic blog. In Linda's interview she tells us how link building increases your sales and conversion rate. Don't you want to know how to generate more visitors that are of a higher value. In business terms that's more leads and more developed leads, meaning more sales and profit for you with less effort.

Linda on Twitter:
Linda's Website:

YaroInterview #3
Yaro Starak is one of the most successful and well known bloggers in the world. Through blogging Yaro has managed to create his version of the "4 hour" work week, blogging funds Yaro's travel around the world. Yaro has been making money online since 1998 and was an early adopter of blogging. Yaro earns over $600,000 a year from blogging and shows you how us how do it in his fantastic interview. Not only that but Yaro's blogging product is sold at $497 and you have access to his expertise and 13 other experts and 86 powerful link building strategies for just $17.

Yaro on Twitter:
Yaro's Website:

AnnInterview #4
Ann Smarty is a well known SEO expert who created the highly successful a meeting place and forum for guest bloggers and bloggers seeking guest bloggers. Ann talks about how guest blogging is a terrific way to build backlinks from authority blogs in your niche in her interview. Guest blogging gives you access to backlinks from all the top blogs in your industry. Many of these blogs have a PageRank of 6 and higher and have hundreds of thousands of visitors everyday.

Ann on Twitter:
Ann Website:

GlenInterview #5
Glen Allsopp is a viral marketing expert. Glen did 2 interviews on eBook marketing and blogging. Glen has sold $30,000 worth of his eBook (I'm sure you want to know how to-do that). And Glen's blog has over 10,000 subscribers and a 13,000 Alexa rank (you want to know how to do that too, right?). All you have to do is buy the eBook.

Glen was headhunted at 18 as a social media manager for Nissan, Land Rover and Hewlett Packard.

Glen on Twitter:
Glen's Website:

TamarInterview #6
Tamar Weinberg is possibly the biggest and best social media expert in the world. Active on dozens of social media sites with 20,000+ Twitter followers, the 11th most influential internet marketer in the world in 2009 she is very knowledgeable and powerful in social media circles. Her interview gives the social media expert's views on the social media scene and gives one or two insider secrets.

Tamar on Twitter:
Tamar's Blog:
Book: New Communitiy Rules on

IleaneInterview #7
Ileane Smith is a successful blogger and owner of a blog, that gives new bloggers some great tips. Ileane is leading the way with interacting with her community being a prolific social media user. And not only that but she shows you exactly how you can do it too and replicate her success.

Ileane on Twitter:
Ileane's Blog:

RobbInterview #8
Robb Sutton's does what it says on the tin and formulates blogs that make money. And that's exactly what Robb talks about in his interview about being a successful blogger. Having a blog and blogging the right way is key for every website and Robb shows you the right way to go about it and how to avoid the top mistakes new and established bloggers make.

Robb on Twitter:
Robb's Blog:

ChrisInterview #9
Chris Guillebeau is a unique and special blogger because he blogs about his goal to visit every country in the world and blogging has helped him achieve that goal. Do you want to know how to blog your way to fund your worldwide travel.

Chris on Twitter:
Chris's Blog:

DaveInterview #10
David Tiefenthaler quadrupled his traffic by interviewing experts in his field namely runners. David who owns a running tips website has interviewed Olympic athletes and he has built a ton of backlinks and traffic because of these interviews.

Dave's Website:
Multiple interviews from David:

JackInterview #11
Jack Curtis from Zomex gets most of his traffic and sales using the forums in his web hosting niche. He answers people's questions about web hosting and websites in general and he shows you how to do it too with his great interview.

Jack on Twitter:
Jack's Blog:

TimInterview #12
Tim Soulo is a Facebook marketing expert who runs his own Facebook template business. They provide custom Facebook templates so your FB page looks just like the pros. His terrific interview gives you the keys to Facebook marketing success. And how you can tap into the 500 million active users of Facebook and drive your sales.

Tim on Twitter:
Tim's Website:

DaveyInterview #13
Davy Kestens is a blog commenting expert who has written articles on the ethics of blog commenting. He drives traffic and PageRank to his blog by commenting on other blogs. Davy increases his web design sales using this technique.

Davy on Twitter:
Davy's Blog:

LeaInterview #14
Lea Woodward is a blogging expert and now earns a full time living from her blogging and other online projects. Lea has several blogs and uses social media to promote them. Lea shares her experience with blogging in her fantastic interview.

Lea on Twitter:
Lea's Website:

MarkoInterview #15
Marko Saric is a Twitter marketing expert. He has even written an eBook on Twitter marketing. But don't trust me that he is an expert, trust the stats, Marko has 20,000 Twitter followers. And not only that, Marko shows you how you can build 20,000 followers too.

Marko on Twitter:
Marko's Website:

Value of Link Building Mastery in 5 sentences

When you build backlinks, you build visitors. These visitors in turn build backlinks for you. Maybe they link to you from their Twitter or Facebook profile, or if they have a website or blog they might link to you too.

Link building is like starting off a snowball of new links and traffic. Once you give the snowball a push it gathers speed and collects new snow and the snowball gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

That's the pure beauty of link building. Link Building Mastery gives you the power to push the snowball and let your visitors work for you.

And as you get more visitors, you get more and more free employees. Your traffic multiples and grows and so does your revenue. That means more cash in your pocket with less work.

Link Building Mastery will not only show you how to build links, but also how to harvest your visitors into free employees who refer people to your site and make you money.

Still not sure what you are getting?

* 270 pages of my best work
* A 50,290 word eBook
* 86 powerful link building strategies
* 15 interviews with real industry experts
* Lists of top quality resources
* A unique rating system to choose the best link building strategies for you
* A real life down to earth guide to link building
* That means no BS, no "secret" to link building success just link building strategies that really work

Table of Contents for eBook

16 - Remember it's quality not quantity
25 - Video marketing
32 - Article Marketing
41 - Forum Marketing
55 - Directory Submissions
60 - Interviewing Experts
72 - Twitter
81 - Facebook
95 - Blog Commenting
107 - Press Releases
121 - Guest Blogging
136 - Link Exchanges
144 - Write an eBook
161 - Blogging
188 - 73 More Link Building Strategies in Short
277 - Make More Money From This eBook

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that you will find Link Building Mastery fantastic, amazing, incredible and unbelievably helpful that I offer you a 60 day guarantee. If you don't like the eBook, or you feel it doesn't live up to your standards then you can return the eBook for a refund. Its as simple as that, no questions asked a full refund. And I don't set a 10 or 15 day return limit, you can return the eBook within 60 days and you will get a 100% refund.

That's right a 60 day guarantee that if this eBook doesn't give you the power to build incredible, high PageRank backlinks then I will give you a full refund no questions asked.

For only $17 you can get access to killer interviews with the top industry experts and 86 powerful link building strategies that will send your traffic and sales soaring!

Previously retail price was $37 and the price WILL go up again

This eBook comes in PDF format and you will require Adobe Acrobat (free software) to view it. If you have any questions relating to Link Building Mastery, feel free to contact me at

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