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This is an audio interview Mark Collier did with article marketing expert John Alexander of

John drives a lot of traffic to his site using the article marketing techniques discussed in this interview.




If you wish to find out more about John and his fantastic courses check out


Main author of, entrepreneur, marketer and web-tech enthusiast.

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  1. Max Collins says:

    Listening to this interview I got the impression that Article marketing was seen as different to SEO however I thought it would be complementary.

    The issue regarding content seems that poeple do not like writing and aviod it. However for SEO without the content what have your got to work on.

    I often collect company brochures, letter written to customers and article on the company from other sources as the content to build a web site. So I then write the content and ask them to vet my work.

    This inteview indicated that at 80 artices on a site it starts to become authoritive – That is a significant body of work. But my experience would indicate the more artilces the better.

    Thanks good information.

    • 2BB says:

      It depends on how you look at it, Max.

      Essentially article marketing is creating backlinks for you and building authority and trustworthiness among your human readers. More backlinks and more website authority (PageRank) means higher search engine rankings.

      What im saying is that it is not really an ‘optimization’ like working with your heading tags, etc. However, since SEO is often used to describe an increase in search engine ranking then sure – it is part of your SEO :)

      You’re welcome to post one of your articles or your full story here on our blog

  2. Steve says:

    This was a great help in understanding more how to maximise the opportunities for building website traffic. I am a Cumbria Wedding Photographer based in the UK and have found your tips to be extremely useful. In the space of 1 year I have been able to have my website moved up from page 100 to page 2 on Google when using the keyword search Cumbria Wedding Photographer. Thank you for the information.

    • 2BB says:

      It’s so cool to hear that, Steve! Thank you for your kind words. Would you like to share your story, what worked well for you, what didn’t?

  3. Mick says:

    Great interview! I’m starting to get into this as part of my SEO efforts.

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